EVERY STUDENT & PARENT FACES a CRITICAL PROBLEM AFTER  10TH AND 12TH.  Majority of students are confused as to which stream of study should they choose after 10th and which entrance tests should they take after 12 th . Having plenty of options available, the students often fail to understand their interests, IQ levels and capabilities. As a result, many a times opt for some popular course. Also, majority of students and parents are not either aware of or familiar with new and emerging career options. The decision is very crucial and can’t be based on assumptions. Here NSAP steps in to address the issues of students and gives clarity on which course or career suits the student by scientifically assessing the students and guides through expert advice.  Important Statistics: 80% of the  IT Graduates  don't work for IT/IT related jobs. Many students pursue the course for which they don’t have required aptitude and personality. As a result, they end up in doing odd jobs.  Every ye
  National Student Assessment Program    is an application designed to help secondary and higher secondary  school students to select the right educational  path.  Every student undergoes the same pattern of studies till class 10.  Every student and parent will face the dilemma  about which course to choose. The decision is critical and crucial. An unplanned and hasty decision taken due to peer and parental will affect the career and life of the student. We need a scientific assessment system to guide the student as to which course of study and career he/she should opt for and why.  NSAP has developed a Scientific Method of assessing students using latest  Analytical tools, Artificial Intelligence & State-of the-Art -Technology. NSAP considers Academic Records, allow students to undergo self-analysis, interact with parents to understand their aspirations, conduct various tests to know student’s strengths, interests, creative and language skills, analytical and logical thinking skil